Welcome to the Uplift Prize, home of the Human Upliftment prizes that you may have seen in the media.  The first two Uplift Prizes are devoted to water purification, and personal manufacturing.

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Uplifting 1 Billion People by 2020

With ever-accelerating technological progress, why should the ‘floor’ of the human condition still be so low?  Hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign aid and private charity have been distributed in the last 25 years, yet 2 billion people still lack the very basic human necessities.

The Uplift Prize addresses this seemingly daunting challenge in the spirit of true technological disruption.  If any of the following are of interest to you, then you have come to the right place :

1) Effectively ‘teaching people how to fish’, rather than ‘handing them fish’.

2) The concept of incentive prizes to inspire amazing outcomes. 

3) Using nanotechnology to overcome water shortages.

4) Bypassing corruption within poor nations

5) 3D Printing; in fact, self-replicating 3D Printers.

6) Recycling the 27 million tons of waste plastic that is generated per year, and currently resides in landfills and the oceans. 

7) A charity that ensures nearly 100% of donated funds reach the intended goal, as opposed to 30-60% with most traditional charities. 

8 ) Possibly achieving with $1 Million what a previous $100 Billion+ has not fully achieved. 

Please read the pages linked on the right margin of this website for more details on how the Uplift Prize can simultaneously achieve all of the above.

Join me in this endeavor to prove that with the right vision and incentives, a great deal can be accomplished in an entirely grassroots effort when the incentives are structured properly for the right set of future technologies.  The Uplift Prize will make this vision a reality.