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1/1/2016 : We have a decision about the Prize results.

For the Grand Personal Manufacturing Prize, unfortunately, of the entries submitted, only two were sufficiently impressive, but neither of those two were able to come close to the Prize specifications.  Hence, there is no award.  We would like to, however, extend honorable mention to ‘Snappy’, one of the entries that comes very close to full self-replication.

There was similarly no entry for the Water Prize that came close to the specifications.

A Prize (as opposed to a grant) always runs this risk, because the criteria are by definition set to very high bar.  If it is too easy, it does not force innovation above the general trendline.

The Uplift Prize may be resurrected at a future time.

11/11/2015 : Currently accepting entries for the Grand Personal Manufacturing Prize and the Water Prize.

8/30/2015 : Slight revisions to the specifications of both the Grand Personal Manufacturing Prize and Water Liberation Prize have been made, to reflect recent technological changes in each area.

8/2/2015 : The Uplift Prize will unveil an IndieGogo campaign to raise additional funds and build awareness for the Grand Personal Manufacturing Prize.  This campaign will start in late September and run until late October.  These crowdfunding platforms were not nearly as advanced when the Uplift Prize was first created in 2009.

8/1/2015 : Kartik Gada will be speaking about the Uplift Prize at the ‘3D Printing Summit‘ in San Francisco on September 30, 2015, and at the ‘Inside 3D Printing‘ conference in Santa Clara on October 20-22, 2015.

12/20/2014 : Kartik Gada will be speaking at the ‘Inside 3D Printing‘ conference in Berlin on March 3-4, 2015.  This will lead to more exposure for The Uplift Prize.

3/31/2014 : Revised specifications posted for the Grand Personal Manufacturing Prize.  The old specifications had fixed requirements for percentage of printed parts, and cost of filament.  We have adjusted this to not mandate any fixed number (even though maximizing these parameters is still valued).

3/26/2014 : Quentin Harley has posted details on progress that the Interim Prize has enabled to make, in the months after winning the Prize.  This gives all of us an idea of what progress the Uplift Prize can be a catalyst for.

6/30/2013 : We are happy to announce that the winner of the Interim Personal Manufacturing Prize in the amount of $20,000 is Quentin Harley, for his ‘Morgan‘ machine.

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