Prize Winners

Interim Personal Manufacturing Prize, 6/30/2013 :

I am excited to announce that the Interim Personal Manufacturing Prize, in the amount of $20,000, was won on June 30, 2013 by Quentin Harley, for his machine, ‘Morgan‘.  More about ‘Morgan’ here.

Second Place :  ‘Simpson’ by Nicholas Seward

Third Place : ‘3DPrintMi’ by Chris Lau

The Prize Criteria were :

3D printers that print a significant fraction of their own parts currently have to be assembled by people.  As the printers become more efficient at printing, this need for assembly becomes an increasingly restraining bottle-neck to their spread.  This could be addressed by some form of automated assembly, or it could be addressed by making the printers easier for people to put together (or both).

The Interim Personal Manufacturing Prize intends to reward solutions to this problem.  The prize will be awarded to the inventor or team of inventors who create the 3D printer that can be assembled from its components to a fully working state most quickly by one person and that:

– Requires the least skill and experience from that assembly person,
– Has a low total one-off materials and parts cost,
– Has a high proportion of its own parts that it can print for itself,
– Requires a minimum of specialist parts that it doesn’t make for itself,
– Has a low power requirement when running, and
– Is completely open-source.

The deadline for prize submission is May 31, 2013, with a winner to be selected and announced on June 30, 2013.

To submit an entry for the prize :

1) The entering team has to show that they have been publishing periodically, via their Google archives, the RepRap wiki, or other sources.
2) A video demonstrating that their system meets the prize specs should be submitted.  A suitable video might be 10-15 minutes long.
3) Further specifications (such as drawings, etc.) to explain what may not be evident in the video, to demonstrate the meeting of prize specs.


All of the top three entries are outstanding, and have broken impressive ground towards delivering the capabilities of personal manufacturing and self-replicating 3D Printers to people who earn as little as $2/day.

Nine months after the award of the Interim Prize, Quentin Harley has posted an update of the progress that the prize money has enabled during that time.

This sets the stage for a truly amazing Grand Personal Manufacturing Prize, in the amount of up to $80,000, for 2015.

Thank You,

Kartik Gada

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